Slow & Easy Hydraulic Fracturing Services

Terralog Technologies Inc. (TTI) has developed and adapted its innovative Slurry Fracture Injection (SFI) technology to be applicable to the fracture stimulation of shale resources. The Slow & Easy Hydraulic Fracturing process is a unique, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable hydraulic fracturing process for unconventional resource exploitation.

The Slow & Easy process offers an alternative stimulation method for low permeability, naturally fractured reservoirs, such as shale. The technique is a long-term, cyclic injection process with non-damaging, aqueous fluids used at lower rates and pressures to enhance the conductivity of the natural fracture system.

Benefits of Terralog’s Slow & Easy process include:

  • •    Reduced stimulation and completion costs
  • •    Reduced usage of chemicals and fresh water
  • •    Mitigates environmental risks due to a less aggressive stimulation approach, better containment in zone of interest, and reduced risk of induced seismicity
  • •    Improved wellbore integrity
  • •    Ideal for re-fracturing strategies
The Slow & Easy process addresses most of the environmental, operational, and economic issues currently associated with hydraulic fracturing for the development of hydrocarbons from shale / low permeability, naturally fractured reservoirs.

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