NORM/TENORM Disposal Services

Terralog Technologies Inc. (TTI) has pioneered the use of the Slurry Fracture Injection™ (SFI™) deep well disposal-injection processes to dispose of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) waste generated from upstream petroleum operations (also known as TENORM – Technologically Enhanced NORM). NORM flows to the surface in a mixture with oil, gas or water during production operations and accumulates at surface facilities in various forms including: scale deposits, sludge and pipeline scraping solids. Deep well disposal using the SFI™ technology is the most acceptable and permanent disposal optionto achieve ‘Zero Discharge’ NORM waste management.

SFI has a proven environmental record of Zero Discharge NORM waste disposal with no impact on the biosphere. There are significant environmental and economic advantages to implementing the SFI process for the disposal of NORM waste, as part of an integrated waste management strategy:

  • •    Eliminates potential run-off and contamination risk to surface and groundwater sources.
  • •    Protects underground sources of drinking water, soil and air quality.
  • •    Eliminates risk of soil and land contamination.
  • •    Mitigates HSE transportation risks.
  • •    Eliminates surface land use impairment caused by storage sites, landfills and pits, as well as the adverse visual impact of surface storage.
  • •    Safeguards human health by reducing pollution and exposure to NORM.
TTI is the only company to design, operate and manage specialized deep well disposal facilities capable of disposing up to 15,000 m3/month of NORM waste material. Several different waste streams can be processed in the same facility, including scale, oily viscous fluids, sludge and contaminated soil. TTI also injects large volumes of produced water and waste water as part of its deep well disposal operations.

Dedicated monitoring systems for ‘Process Control’ are crucial during NORM SFI operations in order to:

  • •    Ensure formation containment of injected slurry.
  • •    Ensure optimal formation injectivity and geomechanics response to injected slurry.
  • •    Assess and ensure integrity of the disposal well.
  • •    Maximize formation storage capacity.
Process Control procedures are an integral part of the Terralog SFI technology. In addition to having the primary role in the design, permitting and operation of the first dedicated SFI project for NORM waste in the GCC region, TTI was also involved in the design, permitting and operation of the largest slurry injection project in the Gulf of Mexico on behalf of Chevron, in which approximately 2 million barrels of oilfield waste (NORM and NOW) was injected into a disposal well.

As part of an integrated NORM waste management strategy, Terralog has partnered with NORM waste management experts to provide clients with a unique cradle-to-grave service to manage NORM waste from the source up to final disposal using the permanent and proven SFI deep well disposal process. NORM waste management services provided by Terralog can be fully integrated to include: NORM field surveys & assessment, HSE controls, decontamination, waste segregation, and transportation to a dedicated SFI disposal facility.

The ‘Best Practices’ procedures developed by TTI for SFI operations have been adopted by major energy companies and service companies in the petroleum industry, including Saudi Aramco and Statoil. TTI is the vendor of choice by regulatory agencies around the world for deep well disposal projects.

Terralog NORM/TENORM disposal services are in compliance with the 2008 International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP) Guidelines for the Management of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) in the Oil & Gas Industry. These guidelines are widely recognized and used by international authorities, as well as safety and environmental regulatory bodies.

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