Community Development Program

Terralog Technologies Inc. (TTI) and PT Terralog Teknologi Indonesia (PT TTI) invest a portion of their earnings into the Community Development Program (CDP). This program focuses on supporting projects that directly improve quality of life for women and children in the areas of education, health, and life skills development. We view our support as an investment in the future.

Terralog Technologies Inc.
Program Criteria

Terralog Technologies Inc. continues to develop its Community Development Program (CDP) by pursuing projects of specific need that satisfy the following criteria:

  • •    Improves women and children’s health, education, or life skills;
  • •    Grassroots in nature — often volunteer-run organizations, with little or no funding received from governments, foundations, or corporations;
  • •    Incubator-type projects—CDP funding is key to the project starting or continuing, and there must be potential to grow the project to the point where it can attract additional funding from other sources.
Project Categories

Ongoing Projects

  • •    Community Development Program (CDP) funding is meant to focus on a specific need. The CDP is seen as incubator funding, whereby Terralog supports organizations or projects to a point that they can attract funding from other sources. Every year we evaluate the CDP’s ongoing projects to ensure they continue to meet our criteria.

Special Projects and Disaster Relief Support

  • •    The CDP includes a fund for ‘special projects’ to address situations of urgent need or where basic needs at facilities for women and children are not being met.
  • •    Special projects are one-time donations that meet an urgent need, on an emergency basis.
  • •    Disaster relief funding is also available to support emergency relief efforts as required worldwide..

Community Development Program - Annual Report

Community Development Program Map

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